LIVE Weekly sessions to expand, grow & exercise your mindset.
Transform your life, relationships and professional success using the world leading mindset frameworks of The EQ Code.
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With EXPERT COACHES you will...
  • Develop the thinking skills that will see you not only navigating, but learning how to internally thrive during the toughest times in recent history.
  • ​Learn how to use simple mindset frameworks to communicate more efficiently and effectively with others both at work and at home, including how to confidently step into challenging conversations and navigate your way to innovative and synergistic outcomes.
  • Create laser sharp self-awareness that will see you feeling energized and driven to become the most empowered, successful and inspirational version of yourself
  • ​Learn how to use deeply insightful frameworks to expose the unconscious blocks that have held you back.
  • ​Get access to the seriously simple mindset tools that can be used to create higher and higher levels of personal freedom.
  • ​Discover how to pull the pin on self-doubt so you can step into being powerfully certain and decisive.
  • ​and so much more...
Each session is designed around a specific framework lead by our highly experienced coach. There is a training aspect as well as small group discussion and practical implementation of key learnings using breakout rooms. You can go as deep as you like in these confidential breakout sessions (or sit and simply watch from the sidelines). 
And directly ask the coach anything you like!

Working in this open style forum allows individuals to practice strong vulnerability with like-minded individuals all within the logical and safe frameworks of The EQ Code.
With the MindsetGYM you Can…
Learn how to inspire yourself and influence those around you.

Get clear on how your thinking affects your actions and behavior and therefore the life you are creating.
Use frameworks and symbols to communicate more efficiently and effectively with others both at work and at home.


Create a level of emotional freedom which unlocks previously untapped potential and success.


Remain calm and confident and successful 
even in times of stress 
and uncertainty.
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