SUPER CHARGE Your Business Success through our EQ CODE Framework.
  Make MORE Money, CLOSE Life's Gaps and become an INSPIRATIONAL Leader 

It's a Simple Code For Complex Humans 
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LIVE 7:30 PM AEST, APRIL 28th, 2021

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Business can be hard enough, add people to the mix and it can be even harder. Access a simple, groundbreaking model to bring clarity & structure, making relationship challenges that have weighed you & your business down feel like child’s play. - InspireTribe


 Profitable Thinking.
Make MORE Money.

Learn how our mindset determines our PROFIT LEVELS... 
Why it can be hard to see where the potential is
Become aware of the tools to make it simple 

Accelerate Growth.
Close life gaps. Reach life peaks.

Master self AWARENESS 
Effortlessly navigate GROWTH 
Engage the power of deep EMPATHY

 Understand YOUR People
Inspire yourself, your team and your clients

Become an INSPIRATIONAL leader 
Have FUN making money together

Business Success Has Never Been Easier

Step 1:  
Simplify Business Thinking

Eliminate enormous amounts of business complexity by learning how to see people patterns using the EQ Code. 
(Note: This is guaranteed to help you in your personal life too!)

Step 2: 
Accelerate Business Growth

Take inspired action supported by mindset tools that will see you being able to easily accelerate the growth of yourself, your people & your business success too. 

Step 3: 
Sustainably Scale 

Super charge your success by using the  proven mindset system to create a harmonised business that is not only sustainable but scalable too. 

InspireTribe In Action

What Your Ticket Includes

Ticket Details:
  • THE BUSINESS WISDOM MODEL explained in 3 simple steps
  • Learn the foundations of the EQ CODE and why its critical for business and life success
  • ​Receive your FREE 7 Levels of Mindset Evolution Booklet so, as a business owner you can see where you leading from and where the gaps are
  • ​Front Row Seating! - From Your Own House!
  • ​No Place Ticket or Driving! - Skip The Traffic
  • ​No Hotel Bookings! - Stay Safe
  • + Much Much More

You'll Also Discover How To Do All These Amazing Things

Build Better Business Relationships 

Learn that relationships in the workplace don't need to be so hard

Learn why the EQ code works

It really is a simple code for complex humans

Be a more relaxed business owner

Getting on the same page as your team has never been easier

Learn why everyone sees life differently 

  A simple explanation to allow you to find instant relaxation and know that everyone is doing their best

How to profit through elevated leadership

Learn that its not more clients that generate more business, its the strength of your team and the way you work together

Find clarity through better decision making

Learn that by finding clarity you can begin to work ON and not IN your business
We have helped 1000's of individuals for over 10 years.
Hear what others have to say about working with us

The EQ Code

I've tried and read quite a few things but nothing has helped me as much as the coaching with Nikk & Yolande. They have come up with a system The EQCode that really unpacks a new way of approaching life. Invaluable work, highly recommend.
- Dale Godfredson

Improved Relationships

The understanding I have gained around myself and my relationships has helped me find an inner strength that had been diminished for some time. Facing some of the biggest challenges in my life, I feel as though I am much more equipped than ever before to face them, grow from them and move into a more fulfilled future.
- Vanessa Babuin - Perera

Increased Profit

When I realised my hurdles did not exist I was able to make a decision that has meant I'm on track to make well over a million dollars profit in the next three years, that’s on top of the income I was already making. 
- Travis McFarlane 

Finding Clarity 

Exponential Business Growth

Understanding Decisions through the EQ Code

It's Time To Become The Business Owner Your Have Always Dreamed of.

InspireTribe, led by Nikk and Yolande Hughes, has helped thousands of individuals for over a decade giving them more TIME, MONEY and ENERGY. If you are looking to take your business to the next level and solve your people problems fast then this live summit is for you.

Here's What You Get When You Reserve Your Ticket Today:

  • ​Learn the foundations of the EQ CODE and why it is critical for business and life success
  • ​The 7 Levels of Mindset Evolution Booklet FREE
  • ​Front Row Seating! - From Your Own House!
  • ​No Place Ticket or Driving! - Skip The Traffic
  • ​No Hotel Bookings! - Stay Safe
  • ​+ Much Much More

Total Value: $497


Business Synergy through Deeper Relationships

Using the InspireTribe EQ Code, the mentoring is grounded in simple yet powerful insights that unlock the synergy created through enhanced, deeper relationships.
- Jason Apps – Arms Reliability

Increased Productivity

Our people have become better versions of themselves.  People are happier.. which has resulted in greater productivity. - Vanessa, Professional Services

The EQ Code in business

I was at a stage, of not getting what I wanted out of my professional and personal life.Since learning the 
EQ code framework  
my business partner and I, have gone on to introduce the EQCode framework into our business improving people accountability, harmonising peoples approach to team projects and objectives.
- Dennis Pivac - Affinity

All Your Questions Answered

 Who Is This For?
You must be earning – or on track to earn – at least $75,000 in your business this year in order to attend
 Where Will It Be Hosted?
The event will take place virtually on zoom in the comfort of your own home... of office!
 What is the EQ code?
Great Questions... The EQ Code is a simple visual framework designed to maximise personal growth and minimise relationship friction whether this be in the workplace or in your personal life.  Its a simple code for complex humans
 How long will this Live Summit go for?
This live summit will go for 90 minutes so be sure to get comfy.